The Pure Health Detoxification Program™ has been featured many times on major magazine publications in Malaysia. Click on the links below to read the actual feature articles.
Health and Wellness Feature
Natural Health Magazine
August 2011

6 Steps for a Healthy Life,
Marie Claire Magazine,
June 2006

"Eating for Energy ",
Management Magazine,
Jan - Mac 2006 Issue

The Quest for an Internal Makeover,
Marie Claire Magazine,
November 2005 Issue

Colon Hydrotherapy,
VMag Magazine,
April 2005 Issue

Do You Need a Detox,
The Expat Magazine,
February 2005 Issue

As Nature Intended,
Health and Beauty Magazine,
June 2004

"Detox Diary",
PM Magazine,
Sept 15 - Oct 15, 2003
Mindy - Detox Reboot
Marie Claire Magazine,
January 2012

Coming Out Clean,
Harper's Bazaar Magazine,
March 2006 Issue

The Ultimate Detox,
New Man Magazine,
December 2005 Issue

"Juice Fasting and Detoxification Programs",
PM Magazine,
June - Jul 2005

Pure Health Makes Perfect Sense,
The Expat Magazine,
March 2005 Issue

The Pure Health Option,
Smart Investor Magazine,
August 2004

Purist Approach,
Mens Folio Magazine,
15 Jan 2004

"Fad Diets & Weight Loss ",
PM Magazine,
Dec 15 2003 - Jan 15, 20