The Burn Machine™

The Burn Machine’s patented Asymmetrical “Burn” Counterweight combines conventional weightlifting with the benefits of a movable, shifting weight. The units also feature ergonomically designed, 360-degree rotating grips, which provide greater versatility, comfort and control.

The Asymmetrical Barbell System fall into two primary categories: the Asymmetrical Units—or Asymmetrical Barbells—and the Speed Bags.

Each of the Burn Machine Asymmetrical Barbells features a patented sliding counterweight that engages core muscles, and 360-degree rotating grips that allow you to isolate muscle groups more effectively and safely than conventional barbells.

The Speed Bag packs the punch of an entire cardio and strength-training workout into one compact “go anywhere” unit that burns calories and helps to “uncover” muscle definition. It’s available in a variety of weights to accommodate any fitness level.

The Ultimate Burn Machine

Price: Ranges From RM 449 to RM 1,050

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

This wellness watch trains you to exercise at the right level and at the desired intensity based on your physiology, goals and motivation to exercise. The Polar Heart Rate Monitor simply measures your heart rate accurately and reliably, providing you information on how your body reacts to physical effort so you can get the most out of your exercise, making each of your exercise session efficient and optimal.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors are available in various models with unique features such as exercise diary, calorie expenditure, exercise time and weight management diary. They also come in different colours, patterns, shapes and sizes.

Price: Ranges From RM 229 to RM 900+
View our product videos to understand why you should exercise with a heart rate monitor.

Power Breathe®

PB Plus_group
Increase your lung capacity and breathing efficiency in as little as 4 weeks! These "dumbells for the lungs" are the ideal exercise tool to develop your breathing efficiency. Clinical studies have shown improvements in breathing efficiency and enhanced athletic performance in as little as four weeks of continued use.

Price: RM 329

Power Breathe® Manual
Power Breathe® Medical Information Sheet

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