Lifelong Fitness: Enclyclopedia of Anti-Aging
by Bob Delmonteque

Wouldn't you like to be as fit and healthy as Dr Bob at age 80? Lifelong Fitness is the culmination of 65 years experience specializing in health and fitness. It features easily understood guidelines which anybody can use to dramatically improve their health and appearance.
This encyclopedia of anti-aging reveals how you can:
=> Be as quick and strong as people a fraction of your age.
=> Decelerate, even reverse the aging process.
=> Lose fat and gain muscle.
=> Improve your sex life.
=> Maintain excellent skin tone and elasticity.
=> Grow younger as you grow older.
=> Have energy and stamina like never before.

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You
by Dr Ray Strand M.D.

When Dr. Ray Strand found himself in a losing battle, unable to successfully treat his wife who had suffered chronically with pain and fatigue, he agreed to try the regimen of nutritional supplements that a neighbor suggested. Much to his surprise, his wife's condition began to improve almost immediately. That amazing turn of events led him to dedicate himself to researching alternative therapies in medicine, particularly in the arena of nutritional supplements.

Dr. Strand's illumination of the body's silent enemy - oxidative stress, will astound you. But, more importantly, his research will equip you to protect or reclaim your nutritional health, possibly reversing disease and preventing illness.

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