Strategies for Maximum Health
A comprehensive workshop on how to maximize your health potential!

Why Is it Free?
At Pure Health™, our mission is to empower our clients with the knowledge to achieve optimum health. This workshop provides all the necessary information for individuals to take charge of their health as well as to share it with others.

About the Speaker
Brian Wong. Brian holds a bachelor degree in Commerce from the University of New South Wales (Australia) and a science degree in Holistic Nutrition from the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine (USA). He is a member of the Australian Fitness Network and a FISAF certified Fitness Leader. He is also a certified colon hydrotherapist and a member of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapist (I-ACT).

What You Will Learn
1. Foundation principles on achieving optimum health
2. The ultimate health formula
3. Proactive steps to prevent chronic diseases
4. How to detoxify your body of accumulated toxins
5. Practical strategies for reaching your maximum health potential


Workshop Feedback:

"To achieve maximum health status, we must combine all aspects, from diet to exercise. Eat moderately and keeps it to variable types of food."
(Angeleine Tan)

"Very easy to understand."
(S.N. Ding)

"Excellent – Thank you."
(Nikki Collinson)

"Informative and knowledgeable presentation. Good audio-visual Powerpoint slides."
(K.B. Chiam)

"Very informative. Good to have more information on type of diets."
(Angeline Khoo)

"Good presentation."
(Lynn Tan)

"Good revision on how to take care of our health and eye- opening about how to improve breathing method."
(Meredith Tan)

"Excited and knew some of the thing about should and should not do."
(Maggie Tan)

"Very informative."
(Saw Eng Chow)

"More knowledgeable on health awareness on what to eat and drink."
(William Chin)

"Good and very informative workshop." (Matias Isiuesxhou)

"The presentation was very good and informative. Good job!" ( Christine Rasmussen )

"Eye opener for me because I just realize all this while I have been taking care of others and no one is taking care of me! It is an eye opener."
(Nun Vensluis Dato Baad)

"Generally a good job. Speaker has a pleasant manner and delivery. Time management good. Know his stuff."
(Kenneth Liew)

"Very surprised about certain topics. Provide a lot of material to think about."
(Ferdinand Oberfell)

"Very informative! Many things that I don’t know before!"
(Kaeochai Oberfell)

"If I don’t attend this workshop today, I might not know or find out so much about our own health. Thanks Brian!"
( Jovita Lo)

"Very positive! Where are workshops advertised? I only heard about this one when I dropped into pure health yesterday."

"Good, learnt a lot. It was more informative than expected."
( Joham Lim)

"Very informative. I would appreciate if health materials are supplied"
( Alex Lim)

"Great. Thank you. Now I am back to salad-craving (UPW 10 days challenges)"

"The speaker Brian presented very well and knowledgeable on health topics."
(Kenny Ong)

"Excellent info to start we off to a path of good health."
(Raymond Chou)

"Very positive especially about how to exercise properly. Thanks you."
(Cathenne Lusher)

"I feel more educated/enlighten on how precious is my body to be."
(Philomina G. Gita)

"This place is educated. Everyone need to be educated on this info."

"Informative program – to find out more and need to know more on nutrient"
(Eric Koh)

"Brian has experienced fact and statistics very well"
(Syeon Park)

"Very well presented. Did not feel sleepy or bored at all."
(Alwin Thian)

"I have done the 10 days diet for vegetables and fruits but I started back to my normal routine. I would like to commit myself to do it everyday to eat more vegetables and fruits."
(Christina Lao Siew May)

"Expand more on things that you can do to improve health, i.e. eat less meats , take less milk. Suggest an action plan."
(Nicholas Leong)

"Very good. I will practice with the breathing exercise and will try on the healthier eating habits and good nutrition. Thanks you very much Brian and Wendy. Appreciate it much!!"
( Jennie Ng)

"Well informed and ready to have a better lifestyle after detoxification. Thanks!"

"Worthwhile! Please e-mail me the exercise program."
(Serene Foo chin Yee)

"Good. More knowledge gained and how to feel good for yourself."
( Parimala Moorthy)

"It’s very pressure for person like me who has no knowledge about health at all."
(Lim Sin Huai)

"I am on the right path. Thank you!"
(Yeo Chiew Pheng)

"Very informative and useful guide on what to eat and good health."
(Tony Chin)

"Excellent. Should have this information to help each with their health in the long run."
(Marsha Choo)

"I feel well informed, highly motivated to keep my health better and better everyday."
(Mimi Nadiya Asra)

"Well fed with quality knowledge on road to better health! Brian was excellent on all aspects. Thanks!"
( Yin Joo)

"Very confident that I can obtain good health."
(Leong Lee Voon )

"I am glad I made it this time, since I missed the last. Very motivated. Really is a good workshop. Thanks!"
(Lynde Lee)

"It was really good. The video playbacks were good. Brian was excellent in his presentation."

"Detoxification is vital!" (Winnie Low)

"Thank you for a thoroughly illuminating afternoon, which was very well spent and most beneficial."
(Sharon Sidhu)

"Feel very enthusiastic about making a change in my attitude about health."

"Well constructed and presented. Always a pleasure where speaker uses slides instead of just reading them."
(DJ Poehls)

"The best thing I did today was attending this workshop."
(Andy Lung)

"Very informative and easy to understand. No aggressive selling the products. Brian is a great role model for healthy lifestyle and is a great speaker as well."

"It has given me a good direction in pursuit of health. Well done Brian!"
(Chuin Cheng)

"I have been to worst and had to pay for them. Great work! One of the organization which are sincerely trying to make a different."
(Chris Poon)

"Good workshop and informative session even though I have come for the second time."
(Lee Weng Kuang)

"I am more aware of health care and grateful to realize that my illness can be eliminated with proper diet and exercise."
(Ee Ching Ho)

"Very much enlightened!"
(Viscent Chou)